Sunday, January 31, 2010

When the Council Meets

Chinyere Okoye spoke to Adeyinka Junaid who exposes Nigerian challenges in a satirical, through The Council and proffer solutions to them

‘The Council’ is a satiric based television drama and talk, show aimed at drawing the governments attention at salient issues affecting the entire scheme of governance in and around the country. A brainchild of Tommy’s Play House the playlet is a humorous and educative, leaving viewers with no other option but to stick to their seats and enjoy a half hour but worthwhile discussion.

In a chat with the CEO Tommy’s play house Yinka Junaid said the programme has been designed to give the society something new on TV and one to be happy about “Nigeria has myriads of problems and as a passionate Nigerian I don’t want to seat down and watch her go down the more so in my little way contribute that is find a way to make amends and give back to the society that is what has given birth to the programme”. Junaid said. “I must tell you that people have become tired of the normal conventional way of teaching which they get in the schools, churches and a whole lot of them and they don’t even get enough of those teaching so the council serves as a focal point of learning as well”.

The half hour programme which shows in different television stations which include TVC, Superscreen, MiTV, MSTV Minna displays a series of well discussed issues admist the tough challenge involved in getting such topical issues discussed.
Speaking to THISDAY on the programme set up, Junaid said, that the members of the council will not be permanent as plans are on ground to make sure professionals, ministers, government functionaries and veterans in various fields come to the council to iron out issues. “We shall be having guests from various fields who are very vast in their field on the programme to talk to the audience and answer questions from the audience also because it is an audience- participatory programme”.

Expressing his disappointment and surprise on the level of sponsorship which is not coming forth as expected Junaid argues that corporate bodies, the banks and even the government should learn to sponsor educative programmes and not only the music entertainment industry. “The level of sponsorship is at zero level until recently when we started partnering with some TV stations and the profit divided. I have approached so many organizations and individuals with copies of my proposals and the council but none seam to be yielding fruit for now but I hope it gets better”.

Speaking on the representatives in the council which include people from different tribes he said the poor sponsorship have allowed for other tribes to have little or no representation in the council. “we have had calls fro people from other tribes asking why they are not represented in the council. We have tried our best but poor sponsorship has tied our hands but am sure it will get better”.

Junaid had been raised to face the challenges of life and never allow your humble background to be an impediment to attain higher height.

Junaid a graduate of history from the Obafemi Awolowo University believes he has used his knowledge of history to create a programme that would help people rediscover the history in them via the discussions that holds weekly in the council.
Tommy’s Play House also have its areas of business event management, film and TV production, multimedia productions and broadcast equipment rentals.

Junaid further revealed that the play house will by 2010 release a movie centered on a Yoruba heroine who sacrificed her life for love.

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