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A positive score card for Apapa LG

Apapa Local Government is currently being driven by a focused, experienced and energetic team headed by its Chairman- Hon. Ayo Joseph. The team is saddled with a vision to re-generate Apapa as the commercial and tourist nerve centre, attracting people not only from within Lagos State but all over the country and the international community. Chinyere Okoye spoke to the LG chief on his development mission in the area.

Ayodeji Joseph is a graduate of Geography and Planning from Lagos State University (LASU). He also holds a Masters’ degree in Geographic Information Science from the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG). Prior to joining the service of Apapa Local Government Council as the Executive Chairman, he had worked variously in different organizations, including The Lagos State Civil Service as Research Officer in the Ministry of Physical Planning. He joined the Banking industry in the 2004 working with the highly rated Guaranty Trust Banks. At GTBank, he rose through the ranks with diligence and high level of expertise in the deployment of various tasks. Between May 2004 through March 2005, he was GTBank Representative, Process Re-engineering Team with Price Water House Coopers (PWC).

In March 2005, he became Head, POS installation and support unit, (E-Business and Card Services group of GTBank Plc) coordinating the activities of Point Of Sale Support and Installation unit nationwide ensuring product functionality, growth and usage.

As the Executive Chairman of Apapa Local Government, (The Golden Council), he is directly responsible for the smooth running of various governmental affairs aimed at bringing the dividends of democracy closer to the locales.
“I have worked in both the public and private sector” Ayodeji said. “While in the public I knew how things were done and in the private there is a whole new difference. In the private sector, a lot of things will go well when the environment is conducive. I have being trying to inject some of the ideas I acquired from the private sector into the public. I have also discovered that the best way of wining the heart of the cooperate society is by integrating them into the work plan that way they will know how much they are needed in the development stakes. Thus if you are able to win the confidence of the private sector you must be able to provide a good working environment for them. This and many more strikes the balance between the two sectors”.

The council boss while speaking to THISDAY on how he intends to achieve his goal as the chairman of the golden council said the educational and environmental sector is his main target by 2010. “I will love to make a difference in two major areas which is in education and restoring the environment back to its former clean state. In 2010 I will seriously focus on developing education. We have just about eight primary schools in Apapa and I think I can easily monitor them in terms of quality and output. Quality will span in the area of what pupils get, provision of equipments like computers because when the children are equipped and exposed learning becomes easy and interesting for them. I intend to establish an Education Enlightenment Campaign Team with the responsibility of bringing the reality of the importance of child-education to bear on the minds of the grassroots Apapa communities, and to inform them of the possibility of school enrolment and attendance. I will love to make the school environment girl-friendly by ensuring the provision of adequate modern learning tools decent toilet facilities and others. Heavy emphasis will be laid on Computer Literacy and re-introduction of Civics as a Subject in Schools curriculum through the State Universal Basic Education Board”.

“In my tenure as LG chief, Ayodeji stressed I will love to teach the people of Apapa to be clean. It is their duty to clean their environment. Sadly they have not being doing it, I will do it for them and will not tolerate a dirty environment from them”.

Speaking on government assistance to the projects at hand Ayodeji expressed his disappointments as Apapa Local Government hosts the foremost maritime port in Nigeria. As such, Apapa is the major industrial, commercial maritime/shipping, oil & gas business hub for Lagos, Nigeria and most West African States. “It is a pity that the government has neglected the development programs in Apapa council. Over 40% of the nations income is gotten from port which is located in this council yet we get nothing for remuneration for damages caused to the roads by truck drivers and motorists who ply the road almost twenty four hours every day. Most of the federal institutions in Apapa don’t pay tax which makes it a little difficult for us. We generate fund internally through motor parks, okada riders and the market. Well I must tell you that what we receive is way to small compare to the load of work here but now that the Lagos State government is trying to develop her local government areas may be more responsibility will be given to us in terms of money”.

Speaking on the rapid development in Apapa the LG chief argued that one must not wait until billions of naira is generated before doing something positive. “we did not spend any billion we were able to spend some hundreds of thousands. It is not all the construction that you see we did, a lot of individuals are seeing that the local government is doing well so they partner with us and we have few projects like that wherein people have assisted us to do. Since we have decided in this administration that we want to leave a mark in Apapa Local government, we channel all the resources we get to the development of the LG. thus we want to start up that change everybody is crying for. We have learnt not to blow our trumpet, but I must tell you we get commendations and it motivates me to do more”.

Still speaking on his development plans for Apapa LG Ayodeji identifies education, environment, health, infrastructure, road maintenance and rehabilitation as areas to watch out for in his administration by 2010.

Further speaking on the current state of security in the area due to the festive periods the LG chief said that measures have being taken by his government to avert all forms armed robbery and violent attacks on innocent citizens. “last September I had a meeting with all the security members in Apapa to avert the earlier mentioned problems. The police have being very helpful as they have deployed two patrol vehicles in the area to maintain law and order. We have also asked for more traffic officers be deployed in the area because we have not gotten full control over the tanker drivers who are ready to carry out a strike action if any of their members have his vehicle towed and it may end up affecting the whole nation. But we promise that by 2010 more will be done to ease the burden of traffic in Apapa”. Ayodeji further speaking on his development stakes he stressed that Apapa cannot achieve all it wants by 2010 without the sincere assistance from the federal government because they rely on the area for their smooth business transactions with the international community.

Addiction for Design

With a belief that the quality of one's surroundings will directly benefit a person's quality of life, develops and builds residential and commercial projects that respect the traditions of the past and integrate the efficiencies of innovation Chinyere Okoye spoke to Jumoke Sanwo a creative designer in home decorations, coffee café at Bishop Cottage

Over the past years I have been struggling in my mind with the balance between doing what I love, and making a living as a responsible adult. I frequently hear people say that we as creative designers, developers are “addicted” to what we do. I myself take offense to the word “addiction.” I like to use the word “passion” and say that we have a “passion” for what we do. Thinking of this prompted me to check out the two definitions, addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity, dependence, habit, problem but passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something, Ms. Sanwo said.
Having an intense desire for something can translate into addiction, I see passion as being driven by a strong belief, love, intense desire or unusual excitement for something.
My work is not something bad or unhealthy to my life or family. I have a “passion” for what I do. I am driven by the excitement and love for creativity. I thrive to be better with every project and I thrive to constantly learn and evolve with what I do. I believe if you do not have a passion for what you do, your success will be minimal, and you will never reach your full potential, she said.
Ms. Jumoke Sanwo is a designer, “I create because I am creative by nature. This is my passion, my life. When my passion is replaced with my desire for security and comfort, I'm letting go of a major part of what it means for me to be human”, she said.
However, the desire to succeed in a given instructional setting may not come from the instruction itself; it may come from long range goals, institutional requirements, or many other sources. Hence confirming the effectiveness of arranging resources and procedures to bring about changes in motivation.
In contrast, motivational design strives to make instruction more intrinsically interesting. Motivational design is systematic and aims for replicable principles and processes. In that regard, motivational design is based on the scientific literature on human motivation and stands in contrast to “charismatic” motivational speakers and workshops whose aims are largely in the area of emotional arousal and are grounded in a blending of personal experiences, psychological principles, and intuition.
At Bishop’s Cottage, you would find wooden children’s toys, children’s bed, Smeg fridges, Range master cookers, kitchen islands, Asian pottery/ceramics, retro mirrors, silverware, cookware, garden furniture, spa body range, aromatic candles, hand-woven tapestries and carpets, Ms. Sanwo said.
According to the Managing Director, Bishop Cottage, Ms. Jumoke Sanwo told THISDAY “the most common ways to utilize the benefits of aromatherapy are massage, direct inhalation, and other topical application of essential oils. Aromatherapy candles are easy to use and do not require an extensive knowledge of essential oils. All you have to do is light a candle and then enjoy the great effects of aromatherapy”.
The use of aromatherapy is very popular for yoga and meditation, but these great candles can be used each day as well. Try lighting a great smelling candle while you read a book at night of light a candle when you get home from work to unwind. You may be surprised to find how much increased energy or relaxation you kind find simply by utilizing the great effects of aromatherapy candles, she said.
According to a scientist, Ms. Sanwo state that essential oils that are inhaled into the lungs offer both psychological and physical benefits and not only does the aroma of the natural essential oil stimulate the brain to trigger a reaction, but when inhaled into the lungs, the natural constituents can supply therapeutic benefit by diffusing eucalyptus essential oil to help ease congestion.
At the other extreme, there are bound to be challenges, the increasing burden of security, authentication, power, transportation, and identification is often a challenge Ms Sanwo said.

Bow Wow Thrills Africa in Style

Bow Wow stepped outside of the box since he was 5, when he was discovered by Snoop Dogg and featured on the entertainment icon’s groundbreaking Doggystyle album. After being teamed a few years later with Jermaine Dupri, Lil Bow Wow exploded onto the music scene in 2000 with Beware of Dog told Chinyere Okoye at CABANGA conference center, Johannesburg, South Africa on how he wants to make difference in entertainment industry

With the goal of creating a music made up of performances different with raps, Bow Wow said, "I'm maturing. I'm becoming a man, but I'm staying humble. I'm staying myself and most importantly, I'm trying to make good movies and music for my fans."
Sometimes, when we need a clearer picture of the world around us, it works best to rely on music for both information and inspiration. Music is one of our most powerful means of expression. From the dawn of human history, we have used music for our entertainment, but also for more practical purposes: to worship, to relate our histories and myths, to convey our values, and of course, for the more worldly goals of courtship, Bow Wow said.

At age 6, Shad Gregory Moss stage name Lil' Bow Wow met star rapper Snoop Dogg and was invited to join the Chronic tour. Snoop Dogg and introduced him to producer Jermaine Dupri.

Bow Wow told THISDAY at M-Net’s Big Brother Africa Revolution that as age come by, “My voice began to change and in 2003 I left So So Def and Jermaine Dupri for Columbia Records and a more adult approach to music. Then a new album, Unleashed, appeared utilizing the services of a variety of top hip hop producers. Unleashed was most successful, it reached top pop album chart and included "Let's Get Down," a top 15 pop hit”, Bow Wow said.

“Music and art are just moments in time that can exist anywhere, but they have so much power in them, and if you can harness that power you can truly connect people everywhere regardless of your religion, your political view, your race, your culture, or how much money you have. This is one thing that we have on this planet that intrinsically can connect us", he said.

Again “I realized that I could have them all play on the same songs as I traveled and show people the power of what we can all do if we work together in a positive way,"
One of the intentions of coming to Africa was to blend sounds from around the world that typically heard together. The inspiration for this idea came during a recording session.

In 2004, I starred in Johnson Family Vacation, starred in 2005 Roll Bounce, and also had a lead role in 2006's The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
The fourth album, Wanted was released in July 2005 and quickly reached the top 3 of the pop albums chart. It was supported by the top 5 single "Let Me Hold You," a duet with former B2K member Omarion. The second single, "Like You," is a duet with a successful artist in her own right, Ciara, he said.
According Bow Wow, the fifth album The Price of Fame was released in December 2006. It was preceded by the single "Shorty Like Mine" featuring Chris Brown, which climbed to #12 on the pop singles chart.
In December 2007, I collaborated with R&B singer Omarion on the album Face Off released. It included the minor hit single "Girlfriend" but failed to reach the top 10 of the album chart. Then the sixth solo studio album New Jack City II hit stores in March 2009.
After a rollercoaster 91 days of reality TV action, it will all culminate in a not-to-be missed 2 hour show, adding to the excitement of the dramatic show, an international star Bow Wow thrilled the audiences with three of his hit songs.
He is also the youngest solo rapper to ever hit no. 1, as recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Records. He has sold more than 14 million digital assets.
His success came from his ability to tap into the mammoth teen market. “There was a big sea of people that hadn't been touched yet”, explains, “I just happened to be the first one since Kriss Kross to touch them”, he said.

Now reunited and intensely focused on his music career, Bow Wow made a point to humble himself and listen to JD in order to enable the duo to make history again. “When I got back with him,” Bow Wow says, “he pushed me even harder because he knows that I want to be the best.”

Again, Bow Wow’s male and female clothing and sneaker lines will debut in spring 2010. “It is global and going to change the paradigm on how people think of him.” Bow Wow says, “When you purchase anything from my line you’re being a part of the movement because, I’m going to donate 10% of my profits to charities and organizations around the world”.

Hands on Deck at Film and Broadcast Academy

In the ever-changing world of the motion picture industry, it is essential for a filmmaker to keep abreast of evolutions in new technology trends to predict climate changes so quickly that often times, revolutionary ideas of telling stories with moving images from silent films to digital age and to use all tool at their disposal Chinyere Okoye writes

As burgeoning film professionals, Film and Broadcast academy is set to impact learning, balancing of artistic inclinations with a thorough understanding of the business of filmmaking and the industry as a whole. Topics such as option agreements, financing, sound licensing, film festivals, representation, distribution and marketing will be covered.
Production design plays an important role in the success of any production, as it provides the audience with the visual clues that establish and enhance the production content. The production designer works to create a design style or concept that visually interprets and communicates a story, script or environment appropriate to the production content and action. Film and Broadcast Academy is intended to help students prepare for the design requirements of their film projects, construction, makeup design, costume design, and basic aesthetics.
To demonstrate commitment to development of the movie industry, the Ejiro brothers, with the support from a movie industry guru, Chief Charles Akeni, a retired Public Relations (PR) manager in Shell Company and chairman of the academy have set up a film academy called Film and Broadcast Academy in Ozoro, Delta state, as 8,000 candidates have passed the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board examinations to gain admission into the school.

Speaking at the event, Chief Charles Akeni, said the academy will offers courses that will guarantee students National Vocation Certificate and National Innovation Diploma at the end of their stay and admission is open to those who have completed junior secondary school, senior secondary school, unemployed or under employed graduates, among others.
The school, he said, has in place a dormitory for students who live far from Delta state, studio for movies, music studio and mini studio for broadcast and will apply for radio and television license as the academy is for both those who want to be professionals in movie making and broadcasting, as the school commences classes in 14th January 2010.
“I got interested in the academy because there were greater heights the industry could not aspire to. Acting, broadcasting, film directing, scriptwriting and all aspects of the entertainment industry needed to move to a higher level, with over 30 streams of income. We also intend to make this school a public income school after 3years and international accredits the school like Microsoft. We will not compromise” he said.
Akeni also disclosed that Delta state government through the assistance of the Special Assistant to the governor on Culture, Richard Mofe-Damijo gave them a temporary site for the school while the communities in Ozoro gave them land at a subsidized rate to build the structures for the school.
Vice chairman of the academy and filmmaker Zeb Ejiro, said the academy would train the students to be independent professionals that would raise the standard in the industry.

He said the students would be involved in the practical and theoretical aspects of the lectures while in the school and they would have the opportunity to sell their music, films and other presentations on the Internet.
According to Ejiro, the academy is interested to sharpen skills, teach them fundamentals of visual and dramatic storytelling through the production of films.
Film and broadcast academy encourages students to take creative risks and find their own voices as visual artists. Students receive a certificate upon successful completion as well as filmmaking skills, an enormous amount of production experience, a body of their own work, and a feature film project. The network of working relationships they develop with their classmates will help carry them forward as they pursue their own careers in filmmaking.
The goal of this is to fully immerse each student in an intensive and focused course of study, providing a solid structure for writing and meeting deadlines. Students learn the craft of writing by gaining an understanding of story, structure, character, conflict and dialogue, he said.
With strict adherence to the rituals of writing and learning, students complete a first draft of a feature length screenplay of 90 to 120 pages. This class is designed as a creative and academic safe haven to develop, rewrite, and polish their scripts, Ejiro said.

In order for a student to successfully pass this class, each project must be “script–locked” by the end of the semester, and ready for Pre- Production.
By the school curriculum, students analyze budgets and schedules of feature films in order to gain an understanding of these two key elements in preparing a project for production.

The students will also gain valuable experience of shooting on a sound stage. Working with dollies, cranes, flats, standing sets, green screens, and the many other elements inherent to filmmaking on a closed stage, students will be exposed to a professional filming environment to shoot several in-class group projects including a music video, he said.

Story Behind Spirit David Dance

A man fiercely driven by his love for God and a passion to touch everything he handles with the spirit of excellence, introduced to the public a reality TV dance programme Celebrity Takes 2 season 2 as the audience glued to their TV as they watched a programme that has been severally described as world class not just in terms of quality but of content Chinyere Okoye speaks to Pastor Segun Lawal, the man behind it is far removed from glamour

“Dance to me is a mind-body fitness and lifestyle practice, it opens your physical, emotional, and mental channels to ecstatic flows, frees and enlivens your authentic passion, subconscious mind, and inner guidance”, Pastor lawal said.
Pastor Segun Lawal is the president and National Coordinator, Spirit of David Dance Company and initiator of Celebrity Takes Two, a reality dance show told THISDAY that while he dance, his mind and body unite with feelings, the feelings and voice merge in breath melt into motion passion, which the freedom to be yourself and express your passion through dance. Dances are a mind-body workout, which becomes warm, fluid, energetic, and feel alive. Surrender to your breath, leave behind judgments, and let the body burst out of your skin in a wild dance.
“My kind of Dance is a spiritual practice where you breathe bliss here and now, using passion breath to open your energy channels and let you spirit and emotions flow freely”, he said.
Again, “I would say I have always had an interest in dance, bearing in mind that I won my first dance competition 27 years ago. I have always appreciated the cultural aspect of dance as opposed to the entertainment side. When I became a Christian, I felt that dance could just be as meaningful in its expression and message”.
For me dance is more of an art that needs to be redefined in our time. It is about the purest of the performing arts: A singer can talk about what he has not experienced, an actor makes it look real, but in dance you can‘t pretend. It is a pure form and that purity speaks to a lot of people.
Though lot of challenges abound as the first child of my parents and the only male. I was in a great school studying a great course and I had also been ordained a pastor. So all those factors did not seem to fit into the dance mode and like you said, dance was deemed unserious.
I think that was what challenged me more. I know I am a smart guy, so for me to take what people look down on and cause them to see that there is a career here, there is a discipline, there is a lot of hard work and intelligence, deep messages I believe it was worth the challenge. I have seen the benefits of it; I have seen lots of people rise up to their talent. Many years ago, who would pay to watch a comedy show? But right now, we have millionaires who are doing comedy.
For Pastor Lawal, “the Spirit of David, to a large extent, paved the way for people to believe in themselves and their God-given talent and to be appreciated and respected”.
According to Pastor Lawal, “I have always been a good dancer, no doubt, but it was not anything major. I think out of the box and this just made people stop and look whenever I am dancing. I was in my final year when I received the divine inspiration for the Spirit of David and we held a show at Ife. It was the first time a complete gospel dance show would be hosted in that school. It was a sell-out, where we had over 3,000 people in attendance for a Christian all-dance show. It was like setting a record and that is when it became obvious we had a calling to do dance”.
“As I began to read scriptures about dance and I began to realize how powerful dance was. In the New Testament for instance, a man was ready to give up half of his kingdom just to see a girl dance for him.
My wife and two great kids are also dancing. If they did not, I would have told my wife to take them to the rightful owner because definitely they would not be mine if they did not dance. I consider myself lucky that I have a great support system. I am blessed to have a wife that is not just partners, but double as friends.
In Spirit of David, We take away the sensuality and sexuality and create something to behold. You don‘t have to show half of your body in order to be attractive, he said.
However, even in the Bible, people have been wearing dreadlocks, though in style it is either a trend or fashion but it is a personal covenant with my God. The truth is I am an arts manager; I have done a lot of study on culture and arts, during which I realized that in most cultures dreadlocks has been a statement of strength, intent, commitment and devotion long before it ever became a fashion statement.
In Nigeria, perhaps we say it is a youthful thing and that is because it is seen more from the entertainment angle than the arts. We are yet to appreciate that aspect of our culture. How many Nigerians have art pieces in their homes? Abroad, we have a lot of people doing dance. Over there at 30 you are considered a young dancer. Outside these shores we have excellent dancers, professionals who are in there 40s and 50s. We have been trained by lots of them and they are way older than us.
Season two of Celebrity Takes 2 has proven to be different from the maiden edition; we have chosen to do things differently, like an improvement on the previous edition. Some of these things I can‘t reveal because they are supposed to be a surprise.
Apart from the different dance styles we are featuring, the celebrities, for instance, will have to learn foreign dance styles so they can represent those cultures. That way it has a more universal appeal because I believe dance is universal, although it expresses our local and cultural understanding he said.
We are going to have our guest judges like we had in season one but this time they will be veterans in music and screen. Last year it was a popularity contest, but this year we are scoring and the scores will count. A lot of people complained season one was more like a popularity contest.
In the nearest future, Pastor Segun looks forward to developing a dance Centre in Nigeria and he explains why. “I don’t want something I take seriously to become another reality show. I want people to appreciate that there is a meaning behind what we do. We believe that dance is wholesome and entertaining but we don’t want it to be just a commercial venture”.

True Story Behind Civil War in Nigeria

In an interview with Sunny Ache, a Nigerian film maker based in the United States, states that French took advantage of the diverse culture with their hearts full of anger over the facts that British dominates trades on West African coast when the French joined them in a fight to get the selfish Dutch out of Africa in the 18th century Chinyere Okoye writes

There was division, hatred, unhealthy rivalry, and pronounced disparity in development. The growth of nationalism in the society and the subsequent emergence of political parties were based on ethnic/tribal rather than national interests, and therefore had no unifying effect on the people against the colonial master.

The Nigerian Civil War broke out on July 6 1967 and ended on January 15 1970. The war was the culmination of an uneasy peace and stability that had plagued the nation from independence in 1960. This situation had its genesis in the geography, history, culture and demography of Nigeria.
After the eastern region voted and seceded for from Nigeria On May 30th 1967 , the war had not reached an irreparable level according to history, the first gunshot of the war busted in July of 1967. Within that period, Federal troops where only shipped eastward to implement police measures but clashed with Biafran resistant on several occasions a situation that would have been brought under control within the year.
Sunny Ache’s research evidence shows that the situation got out of control after President Bongo of Garbon made a horrible comment provoking the Biafrans against Nigerian government. This comment was made after he attended another conference in Paris. His comments were indistinguishable from the words of General Charles De Gaulle [the then French President] when he heatedly and openly opposed the Nigerian.

Sunny Ache, the writer and Co-director of “Unbreakable Nation” told THISDAY his main reason for writing “Unbreakable Nation”. “It is not just to talk about the war or the negative way but in a positive light, to tell our pre independence history correctly not as documented by the westerners omitting their faults on the cause of the crises we face. So much information is not included as to the cause of the war. I confidently want to disclose to every Nigerian that we have hated each other unnecessarily and clashing with the opposite tribes over political issues wrongly. We are making ourselves laughing stock to the westerner’s world when we disclose our grievances on tribal grounds and reasons for the past war and present revolutions around the Niger Delta areas and the North were we encounter endless and shameful religious and ethnic clashes.
The enemy is neither within us nor in Nigeria. We should know that, Nigerians did not cause the civil war, the French indirectly did and with Unbreakable Nation, Ache promised to prove it.
My research through “Unbreakable Nation” will expose the top secret, unofficial movement of the French government in the second year of the regime of General Charles De Gaulle a man who always talked about this history.
A year before Nigeria's independence, he directly appointed Pierre Messmer as Minister of Armies, another man with broad knowledge on Nigeria's promising economy after oil was discovered in 1953 while serving as French appointed governor general of Cameroun. They took advantage of the clashes to indirectly to fuel the confusion that lead to the secession war an act that would help keep the British oil companies Shell-Bp off the south to enable the French gain total access to the Oil in the south.
They also supplied arms to the Biafrans and through the President of Garbon aggravated their leaders more to fight for secession when the British was busy offering diplomatic support to the Nigerian government and trying hard to end the war after advising General Y. Gowon on abolishment of regions in order to create states to favor every Nigerian tribe and maintain peace. The French support for the Biafra’s was cut halted halfway and denied when they realized the Federal troop gained the upper hand.
If it was not for the French false hope to the Biafrans, the war would have not lasted that long and most of the Ibos killed would be alive today.
This movie “Unbreakable Nation” will bring all this facts to life and to warn Nigerians that if we engage ourselves in another war, another western Nation would be glad to see us go down for them to have easy access to our oil, because that is all they care about not lives.
According to Fidelis Duker, Co-Producer to Unbreakable Nation, this movie is for Nigerians to understand what civil war has done to our country and to train Nollywood actors and actresses, to encourage great picture, to rebrand Nollywood.
We are doing Unbreakable Nation in Cinema to attack piracy and to account for proper documentation. Through unbreakable nation, Nollywood can make USD 50,000,000 that will burst Nigerian economy, he said.
“Unbreakable Nation” will feature Hollywood actors and actresses, George Calil, Jennifer Belander and other Nollywood celebrities. The movie is now been produced by Motion Man Picture Studios in association with Silverbird Production, Tinapa, Hi-TV and Unbreakable Nation is open for more sponsors.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Biggest Big Brother Revolution For Nigeria

Biggest Big Brother Revolution For Nigeria
After 91 days toil, emotional tension, thought, imagination and inspiration at Big Brother Africa Revolution, swaggalicious Kevin walks away with US$200 000, the largest reality series prize that M-Net has ever offered, one winner was chosen at the grand Finale on Sunday, 6 December, Chinyere Okoye who was at the live show in South Africa reports

The revolutionary nature of the show kept the viewers on the edge of their seats, with bated breath, until a winner was announced.
From the blast of the whistle at the grand finale, Africa has been exposed to the creativity inherent in the nature of people on the continent, with huge opportunity for bonding among Africans, Big Brother Africa Revolution present a template to gauge our diversity and individual uniqueness, as Kevin was crowned, the superstar of the year.

When M-Net announced the take-off of the BBA revolution reality show, lots of TV viewers speculated on the turn the show would take. Audience expected drama, intrigues and plenty of fun.

Though with no shower hour, which some of the viewers saw as key attractions of the show in the past. Viewers were also informed that instead of 12 housemates, there would be two additions from Ethiopia and Mozambique. What else is there to expect?
Few thought BBA revolution would be a bore, but were surprised.

The Big Brother Africa Revolution was magnificent in terms of programming content, planning, and execution. Without the shower hour, the season has not been a bore.
There are lots of new twists, 14 housemates instead of the usual 12 and conspiracy. The Big Brother Africa Revolution, an M-Net reality show in which contestants from different African countries share living space under a complete lack of privacy; all for the said jackpot, has been taken by the last one to walk out of the house after a three months' stay.

The 27-year-old entertainer was chosen by the continent after outlasting 24 other housemates over 91 days in the BIG BROTHER house, to claim the massive USD 200 000 prize.
Featuring 3 knockout performances by US rap superstar Bow Wow, a special dance routine from the evicted housemates and a chance to relive the magic of the last 91 days as the housemates loved, sparred and entertained in equal measure, which saw the crowning of Africa ’s newest reality TV superstar.
Kevin was the most popular housemate in the most countries, claiming 11 country votes (Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Rest of Africa) versus 2 for Emma (Angola & South Africa), 1 apiece for Edward (Namibia) and Mzamo (Malawi) while Nkenna couldn’t claim a victory in any of the participating countries.
Bow Wow gives the audience a taste of his artistry, he performed his tracks of the evening, and Nkenna left the house with USD2997 in her money pot, claiming 5th spot in the REVOLUTION. After a tense pause, Mzamo. The Malawian waved off. When quizzed about her fight with Itai which saw her smash a pane of glass, she said she had grown frustrated when he wouldn’t listen to her and lashed out because she had gone past the point of crying.
Edward was next as he talked about how much fun it was to be part of the unique Twin Twist. He declared that he had no regrets about any of his ‘save and replace’ decisions as Head of House. “No regrets whatsoever,” he said. “The show was not about the money for me, it was about having fun.” Edward departed the stage with USD2757 in his money pot, as Emma left the stage with USD2998 in her money pot and joined her family.
Top all this off with a dramatic revised format, bolder and more intense than anything, out of excitement after the announcing Kevin as the winner, Mr. Ibrahim, an automobile dealer in Pretoria, Johannesburg and a family friend to Kevin bashed his car on his way to Latinova hotel for the party.
In addition, the old rules banning conspiracy in the house have been lifted and contestants will be free to forge alliances, discuss strategy openly and play the game in an entirely different way.
The voting has complete transformation. The audiences was asked to vote for the housemates they want to see remain in the series rather than the housemates they want to see leave the house. It is all about being positive and keeping the great players in the game.
Following up on this vision, series producers Endemol South Africa have also been busy analyzing and observing other Big Brother successes around the world to develop innovative series elements and inject fresh new creativity into the production. One of the most successful innovations on Big Brother Revolution has been the Twin Twist.
Another twist is that the girls did not enter the house, until after the first week of the show, with the introduction of four star mates - Nonhle Thema, a Channel O presenter; Tuvi James, Nigerian versatile actor and producer; Tanzanian fast-rising actor Steven Charles Kanumba; and Khanyi Mbau known in South Africa as the local Paris Hilton.
The Big Brother Revolution has been full of drama. Just 7 days in the house, and Kenya's Teddy and the only Ghanaian housemate, Wayoe, were evicted. Big Brother had told them all housemates were up for eviction and the housemate with the least votes would be evicted. Teddy and Wayoe's eviction came at the point female housemates were making their entrance.
To cushion the effect of their eviction, Big Brother had earlier given each housemate $2, 500. Should housemates play safe and observe all house rules, they have a chance of increasing the amount in their moneypots.
If they failed tasks or committed an offence like not wearing their mikes correctly or whispering, the money will be reduced. All the evicted housemates have left with some money left in their pots.
Another Big Brother Revolution drama was the 'comrade-in-arms' alliance, which led to the pairing of housemates. The comradeship shattered the previous alliances in the house but helped in forming new ones. The comrades were paired as follows: Hannington and Yacob; Quinn and Kristal; Kevin and Elizabeth; Liz and Kaone; Jeremy and Geraldine; Leonel and Nzamo;Itai and Nkenna; and Edward and Emma. The fate of each comrade hung precariously on the fate of his/her comrade. Should a comrade be nominated for eviction, his comrade-in-arms also becomes nominated and the two would both suffer eviction. The comrade-in-arms twist led to the eviction of Hannington/Yacob, Liz/Kaone and Quinn/Kristal.
Big Brother Revolution also introduced a Molotov Cocktail, a vendetta gift by an evicted housemate to any of the remaining housemates.  Since its introduction, all kinds of Molotov cocktails have been thrown into the house. The worst hit have been Heads of House (HOHs) because they wield powers to save and swap. Though it's a game, it is not unusual that an evicted housemate would feel let down by the action or inaction of a standing HOH. Such was the case of Ugandan Phil, who was evicted because Kevin swapped him for Edward. Phil did not hesitate to pay Kevin back. The Molotov said 'Kevin would be denied access to his clothes for one week'. Several other Molotov cocktails were thrown at individual housemates. Yacob was asked to clean the toilet for a week with toothbrush. The bad boy performed his task with utmost 'cruelty'. He picked any brush that appealed to him from the pack, used it and rinsed it with hot water. He then replaced the brush for the unsuspecting owner to use. Gosh! Housemates never knew until he confided in one of them.