Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bow Wow Thrills Africa in Style

Bow Wow stepped outside of the box since he was 5, when he was discovered by Snoop Dogg and featured on the entertainment icon’s groundbreaking Doggystyle album. After being teamed a few years later with Jermaine Dupri, Lil Bow Wow exploded onto the music scene in 2000 with Beware of Dog told Chinyere Okoye at CABANGA conference center, Johannesburg, South Africa on how he wants to make difference in entertainment industry

With the goal of creating a music made up of performances different with raps, Bow Wow said, "I'm maturing. I'm becoming a man, but I'm staying humble. I'm staying myself and most importantly, I'm trying to make good movies and music for my fans."
Sometimes, when we need a clearer picture of the world around us, it works best to rely on music for both information and inspiration. Music is one of our most powerful means of expression. From the dawn of human history, we have used music for our entertainment, but also for more practical purposes: to worship, to relate our histories and myths, to convey our values, and of course, for the more worldly goals of courtship, Bow Wow said.

At age 6, Shad Gregory Moss stage name Lil' Bow Wow met star rapper Snoop Dogg and was invited to join the Chronic tour. Snoop Dogg and introduced him to producer Jermaine Dupri.

Bow Wow told THISDAY at M-Net’s Big Brother Africa Revolution that as age come by, “My voice began to change and in 2003 I left So So Def and Jermaine Dupri for Columbia Records and a more adult approach to music. Then a new album, Unleashed, appeared utilizing the services of a variety of top hip hop producers. Unleashed was most successful, it reached top pop album chart and included "Let's Get Down," a top 15 pop hit”, Bow Wow said.

“Music and art are just moments in time that can exist anywhere, but they have so much power in them, and if you can harness that power you can truly connect people everywhere regardless of your religion, your political view, your race, your culture, or how much money you have. This is one thing that we have on this planet that intrinsically can connect us", he said.

Again “I realized that I could have them all play on the same songs as I traveled and show people the power of what we can all do if we work together in a positive way,"
One of the intentions of coming to Africa was to blend sounds from around the world that typically heard together. The inspiration for this idea came during a recording session.

In 2004, I starred in Johnson Family Vacation, starred in 2005 Roll Bounce, and also had a lead role in 2006's The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.
The fourth album, Wanted was released in July 2005 and quickly reached the top 3 of the pop albums chart. It was supported by the top 5 single "Let Me Hold You," a duet with former B2K member Omarion. The second single, "Like You," is a duet with a successful artist in her own right, Ciara, he said.
According Bow Wow, the fifth album The Price of Fame was released in December 2006. It was preceded by the single "Shorty Like Mine" featuring Chris Brown, which climbed to #12 on the pop singles chart.
In December 2007, I collaborated with R&B singer Omarion on the album Face Off released. It included the minor hit single "Girlfriend" but failed to reach the top 10 of the album chart. Then the sixth solo studio album New Jack City II hit stores in March 2009.
After a rollercoaster 91 days of reality TV action, it will all culminate in a not-to-be missed 2 hour show, adding to the excitement of the dramatic show, an international star Bow Wow thrilled the audiences with three of his hit songs.
He is also the youngest solo rapper to ever hit no. 1, as recognized by the Guinness Book Of World Records. He has sold more than 14 million digital assets.
His success came from his ability to tap into the mammoth teen market. “There was a big sea of people that hadn't been touched yet”, explains, “I just happened to be the first one since Kriss Kross to touch them”, he said.

Now reunited and intensely focused on his music career, Bow Wow made a point to humble himself and listen to JD in order to enable the duo to make history again. “When I got back with him,” Bow Wow says, “he pushed me even harder because he knows that I want to be the best.”

Again, Bow Wow’s male and female clothing and sneaker lines will debut in spring 2010. “It is global and going to change the paradigm on how people think of him.” Bow Wow says, “When you purchase anything from my line you’re being a part of the movement because, I’m going to donate 10% of my profits to charities and organizations around the world”.

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