Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Addiction for Design

With a belief that the quality of one's surroundings will directly benefit a person's quality of life, develops and builds residential and commercial projects that respect the traditions of the past and integrate the efficiencies of innovation Chinyere Okoye spoke to Jumoke Sanwo a creative designer in home decorations, coffee café at Bishop Cottage

Over the past years I have been struggling in my mind with the balance between doing what I love, and making a living as a responsible adult. I frequently hear people say that we as creative designers, developers are “addicted” to what we do. I myself take offense to the word “addiction.” I like to use the word “passion” and say that we have a “passion” for what we do. Thinking of this prompted me to check out the two definitions, addiction is the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity, dependence, habit, problem but passion is an intense desire or enthusiasm for something, Ms. Sanwo said.
Having an intense desire for something can translate into addiction, I see passion as being driven by a strong belief, love, intense desire or unusual excitement for something.
My work is not something bad or unhealthy to my life or family. I have a “passion” for what I do. I am driven by the excitement and love for creativity. I thrive to be better with every project and I thrive to constantly learn and evolve with what I do. I believe if you do not have a passion for what you do, your success will be minimal, and you will never reach your full potential, she said.
Ms. Jumoke Sanwo is a designer, “I create because I am creative by nature. This is my passion, my life. When my passion is replaced with my desire for security and comfort, I'm letting go of a major part of what it means for me to be human”, she said.
However, the desire to succeed in a given instructional setting may not come from the instruction itself; it may come from long range goals, institutional requirements, or many other sources. Hence confirming the effectiveness of arranging resources and procedures to bring about changes in motivation.
In contrast, motivational design strives to make instruction more intrinsically interesting. Motivational design is systematic and aims for replicable principles and processes. In that regard, motivational design is based on the scientific literature on human motivation and stands in contrast to “charismatic” motivational speakers and workshops whose aims are largely in the area of emotional arousal and are grounded in a blending of personal experiences, psychological principles, and intuition.
At Bishop’s Cottage, you would find wooden children’s toys, children’s bed, Smeg fridges, Range master cookers, kitchen islands, Asian pottery/ceramics, retro mirrors, silverware, cookware, garden furniture, spa body range, aromatic candles, hand-woven tapestries and carpets, Ms. Sanwo said.
According to the Managing Director, Bishop Cottage, Ms. Jumoke Sanwo told THISDAY “the most common ways to utilize the benefits of aromatherapy are massage, direct inhalation, and other topical application of essential oils. Aromatherapy candles are easy to use and do not require an extensive knowledge of essential oils. All you have to do is light a candle and then enjoy the great effects of aromatherapy”.
The use of aromatherapy is very popular for yoga and meditation, but these great candles can be used each day as well. Try lighting a great smelling candle while you read a book at night of light a candle when you get home from work to unwind. You may be surprised to find how much increased energy or relaxation you kind find simply by utilizing the great effects of aromatherapy candles, she said.
According to a scientist, Ms. Sanwo state that essential oils that are inhaled into the lungs offer both psychological and physical benefits and not only does the aroma of the natural essential oil stimulate the brain to trigger a reaction, but when inhaled into the lungs, the natural constituents can supply therapeutic benefit by diffusing eucalyptus essential oil to help ease congestion.
At the other extreme, there are bound to be challenges, the increasing burden of security, authentication, power, transportation, and identification is often a challenge Ms Sanwo said.

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