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Biggest Big Brother Revolution For Nigeria

Biggest Big Brother Revolution For Nigeria
After 91 days toil, emotional tension, thought, imagination and inspiration at Big Brother Africa Revolution, swaggalicious Kevin walks away with US$200 000, the largest reality series prize that M-Net has ever offered, one winner was chosen at the grand Finale on Sunday, 6 December, Chinyere Okoye who was at the live show in South Africa reports

The revolutionary nature of the show kept the viewers on the edge of their seats, with bated breath, until a winner was announced.
From the blast of the whistle at the grand finale, Africa has been exposed to the creativity inherent in the nature of people on the continent, with huge opportunity for bonding among Africans, Big Brother Africa Revolution present a template to gauge our diversity and individual uniqueness, as Kevin was crowned, the superstar of the year.

When M-Net announced the take-off of the BBA revolution reality show, lots of TV viewers speculated on the turn the show would take. Audience expected drama, intrigues and plenty of fun.

Though with no shower hour, which some of the viewers saw as key attractions of the show in the past. Viewers were also informed that instead of 12 housemates, there would be two additions from Ethiopia and Mozambique. What else is there to expect?
Few thought BBA revolution would be a bore, but were surprised.

The Big Brother Africa Revolution was magnificent in terms of programming content, planning, and execution. Without the shower hour, the season has not been a bore.
There are lots of new twists, 14 housemates instead of the usual 12 and conspiracy. The Big Brother Africa Revolution, an M-Net reality show in which contestants from different African countries share living space under a complete lack of privacy; all for the said jackpot, has been taken by the last one to walk out of the house after a three months' stay.

The 27-year-old entertainer was chosen by the continent after outlasting 24 other housemates over 91 days in the BIG BROTHER house, to claim the massive USD 200 000 prize.
Featuring 3 knockout performances by US rap superstar Bow Wow, a special dance routine from the evicted housemates and a chance to relive the magic of the last 91 days as the housemates loved, sparred and entertained in equal measure, which saw the crowning of Africa ’s newest reality TV superstar.
Kevin was the most popular housemate in the most countries, claiming 11 country votes (Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Rest of Africa) versus 2 for Emma (Angola & South Africa), 1 apiece for Edward (Namibia) and Mzamo (Malawi) while Nkenna couldn’t claim a victory in any of the participating countries.
Bow Wow gives the audience a taste of his artistry, he performed his tracks of the evening, and Nkenna left the house with USD2997 in her money pot, claiming 5th spot in the REVOLUTION. After a tense pause, Mzamo. The Malawian waved off. When quizzed about her fight with Itai which saw her smash a pane of glass, she said she had grown frustrated when he wouldn’t listen to her and lashed out because she had gone past the point of crying.
Edward was next as he talked about how much fun it was to be part of the unique Twin Twist. He declared that he had no regrets about any of his ‘save and replace’ decisions as Head of House. “No regrets whatsoever,” he said. “The show was not about the money for me, it was about having fun.” Edward departed the stage with USD2757 in his money pot, as Emma left the stage with USD2998 in her money pot and joined her family.
Top all this off with a dramatic revised format, bolder and more intense than anything, out of excitement after the announcing Kevin as the winner, Mr. Ibrahim, an automobile dealer in Pretoria, Johannesburg and a family friend to Kevin bashed his car on his way to Latinova hotel for the party.
In addition, the old rules banning conspiracy in the house have been lifted and contestants will be free to forge alliances, discuss strategy openly and play the game in an entirely different way.
The voting has complete transformation. The audiences was asked to vote for the housemates they want to see remain in the series rather than the housemates they want to see leave the house. It is all about being positive and keeping the great players in the game.
Following up on this vision, series producers Endemol South Africa have also been busy analyzing and observing other Big Brother successes around the world to develop innovative series elements and inject fresh new creativity into the production. One of the most successful innovations on Big Brother Revolution has been the Twin Twist.
Another twist is that the girls did not enter the house, until after the first week of the show, with the introduction of four star mates - Nonhle Thema, a Channel O presenter; Tuvi James, Nigerian versatile actor and producer; Tanzanian fast-rising actor Steven Charles Kanumba; and Khanyi Mbau known in South Africa as the local Paris Hilton.
The Big Brother Revolution has been full of drama. Just 7 days in the house, and Kenya's Teddy and the only Ghanaian housemate, Wayoe, were evicted. Big Brother had told them all housemates were up for eviction and the housemate with the least votes would be evicted. Teddy and Wayoe's eviction came at the point female housemates were making their entrance.
To cushion the effect of their eviction, Big Brother had earlier given each housemate $2, 500. Should housemates play safe and observe all house rules, they have a chance of increasing the amount in their moneypots.
If they failed tasks or committed an offence like not wearing their mikes correctly or whispering, the money will be reduced. All the evicted housemates have left with some money left in their pots.
Another Big Brother Revolution drama was the 'comrade-in-arms' alliance, which led to the pairing of housemates. The comradeship shattered the previous alliances in the house but helped in forming new ones. The comrades were paired as follows: Hannington and Yacob; Quinn and Kristal; Kevin and Elizabeth; Liz and Kaone; Jeremy and Geraldine; Leonel and Nzamo;Itai and Nkenna; and Edward and Emma. The fate of each comrade hung precariously on the fate of his/her comrade. Should a comrade be nominated for eviction, his comrade-in-arms also becomes nominated and the two would both suffer eviction. The comrade-in-arms twist led to the eviction of Hannington/Yacob, Liz/Kaone and Quinn/Kristal.
Big Brother Revolution also introduced a Molotov Cocktail, a vendetta gift by an evicted housemate to any of the remaining housemates.  Since its introduction, all kinds of Molotov cocktails have been thrown into the house. The worst hit have been Heads of House (HOHs) because they wield powers to save and swap. Though it's a game, it is not unusual that an evicted housemate would feel let down by the action or inaction of a standing HOH. Such was the case of Ugandan Phil, who was evicted because Kevin swapped him for Edward. Phil did not hesitate to pay Kevin back. The Molotov said 'Kevin would be denied access to his clothes for one week'. Several other Molotov cocktails were thrown at individual housemates. Yacob was asked to clean the toilet for a week with toothbrush. The bad boy performed his task with utmost 'cruelty'. He picked any brush that appealed to him from the pack, used it and rinsed it with hot water. He then replaced the brush for the unsuspecting owner to use. Gosh! Housemates never knew until he confided in one of them.


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